Main measuring items

Water level,rainfall, temperature, humidity, soil moisture, ground surface change, turbidity, stem circumference
If the output of your measurement instrument is 1~5 V or 4~20 mA, you can connect it to this system.

Feature of SESAMEⅡ-02d

The ultimate solution of water level monitoring!
We serve you reliable technology and solutions based on our experience and results.


  • By using solar panel and battery together, you can set this even if the area has no sufficient power supply.
  • You can customize the combination of the sensor. For example, you can use weather sensor and water quality sensor together.


  • The data is stored in SD card of data logger, and is sent to cloud server through mobile phone network.
  • The measurement interval is up to 1 hour, and you can change it by each 1 minutes. The transmission interval is from 10 minutes up to 24 hours.
  • You can set alert e-mail about all measuring items by setting thresholds.


  • The data stored in server can be seen by dedicated web site.
  • We support the server maintenance and the procedure about mobile phone line, for monthly flat rate.

About alert system


You can set 2 level alert thresholds. For example, you can get an alert when the water level exceeded certain threshold, and can get another alert when the water level fall below cautionally zone.

Examples of setting places and purposes

北海道 河川河口樋門

River gate

Flood prevention

2 levels of "danger thresholds" are available.
Alert e-mail is sent when the water level reached the threshold.
Since using machine, the report is with accurate value. So it covers human error caused by shortfall in experts.


Flood prevention / Agricultural damage prevention

2 levels of "danger thresholds" are available.
Since the alert is sent automatically, you can avoid the accident caused by monitoring unsafe area by yourself.



Flood prevention / Agricultural damage prevention

2 levels of "danger thresholds" are available.
This system has an option that unify management of multipule setting area.
So you can unify management of old pond and can prevent the pond collapse.


High-temperature injury and chilling injury prevention / Agricultural damage prevention

2 levels "danger thresholds" are available. The one is upper limit, and another is lower limit.
By monitoring the amount of water for each paddies, you can avoid the risk of getting in trouble to neighboring farmer.

Underpass, underground gait space, etc.

Flood prevention / Human error prevention

2 levels of "danger thresholds" are available.
You can attach camera to this device as an option. So you can see the area by picture. It helps when the alerrt is crossed.
Like the left image, we can serve you graphical system using Google map. (Application development is needed separately.)


Remote jungle, etc.

Measures of environmental problems / Academic data collection

2 levels of "danger thresholds" are available.
Your device such as PC, smartphone, cell phone (e-mail only) can see the data of the area which is hard to see directly because of financial and time problem.
Now this system is measuring underground water level and rainfall at peatland of remote jungle of Kalimantan, Indonesia. And it is sending the data to Japan each hour. We hope that this system helps CO2 reduction of Indonesia, which is third most CO2 emitted in the world, because of peatland blaze.


Technical data

General data

Name of product Field data transmission device
Model No. SESAMEⅡ-02d
REcording media Memory card and internal memory (1MB)
Transmission method GSM/GPRS,3G(WCDMA)
Measuring items 4~20mA input (water level)
0~2V input :1(ground change, soil moisture, etc.)
Temperature :2(measuring by electronic resistance is also available)
Pulse input :1(rainfall)
Pulse output :2
Antenna External antenna
Usage environment -20~50℃
Power supply 7.2V 2000mA NiH battery
3~10W Solar panel
Extternal power supply is also available (DC 12V)


Sensors data

Water level Semiconductor Pressure Gauge Type (Back Pressure Compensation Type)
Measurable range 0~5m 0~10m 0~20m
Measurement accuracy 0.1% FS
Cable length Need to specify
Other sensor type Electrode type, ultrasonic type
Tempeature Thermistor type
Measurable range -40~90℃
Measurement resolution 0.2℃
Measurment accuracy 1℃
Electronic resistance Measurable range 0~20KΩ
Measurement resolution 0.1KΩ
Voltage Measurable range 0~2V
Measurement resolution 5mV
Pulse For rainfall (slow pulse MAX 1Hz)


Power supply data

External power supply DC9~12V(MAX16V)
Peak :500mA
Solar power 3~10W Solar panel Ni-MH battery pack, deep cycle battery
Power consumption About 0.04mAh (normal sensor) or 0.12 mAh (4~20 mA sensor) for each sample. About 1,6mAh for each transmission