SESAME-CAMERA is a system that takes and sends pictures at a regular interval.
You can check them on your PC, smartphone, and tablet.


Still image
LED flash, interval shooting
Infrared mode available



  • Since the power supply of it is solar panel and battery, you can set this at the place where doesn't have any power supply facilities.
  • This system uses USB cable, so you can connect them to main device easlily. Up to 3 cameras are available for each device.
  • It is automatically swithced to infrared camera at the night.


  • The taken picture is sent to cloud server through mobile phone network.


  • The data stored on server can be seen by dedicated web site.
  • We support the server maintenance and the procedure about mobile phone line, for monthly flat rate.
  • Note: Depends on the picture's resolution, quality, and transmission intervals, sometimes it costs additional fee.

Examples of setting places and purposes


Paddy field, farm, PVC greenhouse

Crop growth observation

We aplly IoT to help to gain yieldability and quality of crops. Through cooperating with other sensors for agricultural use and analysing the data from them stored on cloud server, we support the new agriculture style.

This slideshow is the pictures of Japanese radish farm. You can see how our system works to monitor the crop growth.


River and agricultural water channel

Visual confirmation of water level, disaster prevention

If you set the camera near at the river, you can monitor water level from remote place, so you don't have to send someone to monitor it directly.

This movie is taken at May 2018, that is watching the water level increase of agricultural water channel. The reason of the increasing is snow melting caused by heavy rain and warming out of season.

Natural ecosystem (Forest, river, etc.)

Wildlife observation/ nocturnal organisms observation

You can watch nature form of wildlife and plants.

And this camera can use infrared, you can also watch nocturnal animals, insects, and so on.

Technical data

Main device overview

Name of product SESAME-CAMERA USB model
Using bandwidth W – CDMA(3G)
Usable temperature -20~50℃
Power supply Solar cell (10W) + deep cycle battery (12V, 7.2Ah)
Note: Depends on your setting environment, measuring intervals, and options, you may need reinforcement of power supply.




Camera overview

Sensor 1/2.7inch CMOS camera
Interface USB2.0
Number of pixels 200 megapixels
Certifiable resolution 320x240,640x480,800x600,1280x1024,1920x1080
Size φ 9㎝ × height 7㎝
Weight 385g (including cable)
Cable 3m