Company history

2004Private limited company Midori Engineering Laboratory was established in July.
As an agricultural construction consultant, we mainly designed water management system, agricultural drain, and agricultural road.
2005   We started develeping field data transmission system SESAME for the maintenance of agricultural irrigation facilities.
2006 In May, central office moved from Sendai-shi to Sapporo-shi Higashi-ku.
We delivered SESAME first model to the laboratory related to disaster prevention.
2007In May, central office moved to Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku.
In November, our company changed from limited company to stock company.
For monitoring agricultural drains and managing water level of rivers, we developed SESAMEⅠ-01 water level meter.
2010    As a transmission system of data logger for weather observation, we developed SESAMEⅠ-05.
2012We developed SESAMEⅡas a system that enables transmission from overseas.
On the project of Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development in that Hokkaido University and many other organizations go, we're managing the transmission system at Kalimantan. The system sends ground water level and rainfall data to the cloud server using the local mobile phone network.
2013Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan adopted our "Procurement research project for dissemination of real-time monitoring system using mobile phone network at Indonesia". So we started the project.
2015We were entrusted with "Dissemination and demonstration business of real-time monitoring system (SESAME system ) to improve data collection efficiency of multi-use dam management and climate change countermeasure at Indonesia" from JICA.
We developed SESAMEⅡ-06 that can measure and transmit the turbidity of rivers and dams, pH, water temperature, ORP, dissolved oxygen, electric conductance.
We depeloped a precision temperature sensor capable of real-time monitoring and accurate thermometer to prevent low/high temperature disturbance during rice growth.
We entered into a sales agreement with Indonesian local corporation.
2016In December, we increased our capital to 10 million yen.
We developed SESAME-CAMERA capable of taking and transmission of freeze-frames, and started sale.
We received an order from ADCA (Agricultural Development Consultants Association) about production and installation of telemetry system to be installed in Indonesia.
2017We opened Tokyo Office.
We received an order from ADCA about production and installation of telemetry system to be installed in Vietnam and Thailand.
We developed SESAMEⅢ which using bandwidth is LPWA (Low Power Wide Area, LoRa).
2018   We are selected as the participating company of the field demonstration of the low-cost water level gauge (risk management type) corresponding to the cold district specialized at the time of flooding as the second project of "Innovative River Management Project" of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
We are selected one of the "300 active SMEs" by The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.