Midori Engineering Laboratory was established in July 2004. As an agricultural construction consultant, we did investigation, design and analysis of public works. Specifically, our task was measuring the water level in the river, the amount of rainfall, etc., calculating the flood flow rate and the amount of water at ordinary times, and performing the dam plan, the agricultural canal design, the monitoring plan etc.
Amid this work experience, many clients were struggling to acquire data outdoors, and we had a problem consciousness that the equipment that they had prepared was not effectively managed. And maintaining and managing various infrastructure, preserving the natural environment, and prevention of disasters are the demands of the near future, and we thought that was a social contribution that we should aim for. That is why we developed the field data transmission system SESAME.
In 2007, we developed SESAME I which is with independent power supply and using mobile phone network. And in 2012 we commercialized SESAME II and further developed and designed systems such as river management, sand erosion control, disaster prevention management, agricultural water management, environmental survey, etc. by IOT related electronic technologies such as cloud server and Web software. We provide the systems to institutions/organizations, universities/research institutes, municipalities etc.
In recent years, heavy rain caused by abnormal weather, floods are frequent due to global warming, raising agricultural damage in overseas, especially in Southeast Asia. And also, the agricultural land development and deforestation are progressing there, so serious environmental problems are occurring. We will continue to provide consulting to solve problems on the site steadily. And we will provide a stable SESAME system at a low price, contribute in areas such as national and overseas, agriculture, the environment, disaster prevention, we will continue.

※SESAME(Sensory data transmission Service Assisted by Midori Engineering)


Meaning of logo design


Blue on the left side represents “water” and the green on the right side represents “green”, expressing two elements important to the environment. It is symbolic of our commitment to consulting safe and affluent environments.



Innovative product development and overseas expansion

The SESAME system is constructed by connecting various sensors such as a water level meter, a rain meter, a turbidity meter, a soil moisture meter ground displacement meter, etc. to the main unit according to the needs of the user. And it can be installed anywhere with an independent power supply, since it is using solar panel. Measured data are transmitted to cloud server and can be monitored and analysed by web software. We serve you these processes as one service.In addition, we introduced the cloud server ahead of other companies, can easily browse the data on the Web anywhere in the world, and as for the installation of the equipment there is a track record in a harsh environment from cold rivers to tropical peatlands The know-how is utilized in products and it is highly durable.
Our products use special parts as less as possible, so that you can get spare parts. That enable us to serve you them at low price. For example, the prices of our products are from one fifth to one tenth of ones made by major companies. And by selecting reliable parts, we secure safety and reliability of our products.
We are keep developing new products to satisfy the needs of the newest market. For example, we are developing SESAME-CAMERA, that transmits still images, and new devices which uses other transmission technology such as LPWA and satellites.
In Japan, we have been introduced about 150 products to research institutes, government organizations, universities, highways, and private enterprises. And in December 2017, we have been selected as a participant in the second demonstration of “Innovative River Management Project” held by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
And in 2012, we provided our products to the project named “Peatland and forest fire prevention project in Indonesia.”, held by Hokkaido University’s Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development
In 2014, we opened sales base in Indonesia, by help of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and Japan International Cooperation Agency’s support project for Small and medium-sized enterprises. And by Agricultural Development Consultants Association, our SESAME adopted to water management program of Thailand and Vietnam. As of December 2017, we have sold 110 SESAME to 12 organizations (including JICA project). We aim expanse of sales in Japan and further advance in Southeast Asia.